Not-lunch time.

I probably shouldn’t peruse Tastespotting during lunch time when I didn’t bring a lunch.

Guhh.  No amount of hospital cafeteria food will satisfy this craving.  I also have to mention that the Los Angeles trip was largely a food fail, with little successive wins in between.  I blame this on my lack of convenient mobile Internet access and unfamiliarity and general wariness with traversing LA.  I also am wary of famous LA eateries because they are more famous for their celebrity sightings than their food.  Sadly, did not get yummy photos of the good meals because they were mostly eaten in near darkness (stupid trendy lounge restaurants).

Kogi Korean BBQ taco truck – Rolling into LA after midnight on Friday meant necessity for quick cheap eats.  Luckily Kogi has been on my radar for a while, so after checking into the hotel, I checked Twitter and directed Tom down to Venice Beach for $2 spicy pork and short rib tacos marinated brilliantly and nestled on little tortillas.  This is the equivalent to the London kebab shack, a delicious food made ten times more delicious the drunker you are.  Sadly, I was completely sober, so I can only imagine how much more awesome these tacos would have been.  Also, no line!

West Restaurant and Lounge – Started out as a fail because I hadn’t wanted to eat at our hotel.  But it ended up surprisingly good, almost like my surprise fantastic experience at Cortez in San Francisco–but not nearly as good as Cortez, which had been phenomenal.  Highlights: garlic potato puree, truffled lasagna appetizer, seared foie gras on Tom’s steak.

Pink’s Famous Hot Dogs – Drove by on a whim.  Are you freaking kidding me?  Do locals actually go here?  Because I can’t for the life of me imagine how good a hot dog with whatever toppings is worth a one hour+ wait (I harbor similar sentiments for Sprinkles Cupcakes; why do you people like lines so much??).  We promptly turned around and left.  I did like driving through Melrose, though.

CBS Seafood – Okay, “fail” isn’t really fair, but compared to the dim sum I get in San Jose (okay, Cupertino/Sunnyvale/Milpitas, NOT San Jose), it was lackluster.  Should’ve known better than to go to Chinatown for dim sum when I know all the good Chinese food has moved to Monterey Park / San Gabriel Valley, as indicated by Yelp reviews.  Cheung fun satisfied my long-standing craving, though.  I still can’t understand why BBQ pork buns are so much better from bakeries and cheung fun in bakeries sucks.  Still, $14 to feed two people full of yummy warm har gow and siu mai is my kind of wonderful.

Other fails: Did not get to have an Easter brunch because we were on our way out 😦 Instead, I took Tom to Diddy Riese in Westwood Village.  But gourmet egg dishes, smoked salmon, and bottomless mimosas beats $2 massive ice cream sandwiches any day.

Um… all this talk about food…


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