Hot again.

The weather reminds me of sin graphs from high school trig.

I stopped by the Milk Pail Market in Mountain View the other day on my way home from my parents’ house.  I used to love this place in high school and it is still awesome, if not better!  It’s like all the good parts of a farmer’s market, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods in one without the expensive prices, long lines, and spotty hours.  There have been some renovations since I was there last: their back room of imported and prepackaged goods has expanded and the aisles are less cramped than before.  The cheese selection here is insaaaane and I picked up two on special–a sheep’s milk brie and a most fragrant (in the French sense) Pont L’eveque for $6.99/lb.

Even though they don’t have a typical butcher selection (steaks and whatnot), there are sausages and other fresh specialty meats; I got a huge round of uncooked pancetta that’s waiting to be made into a delicious, fatty carbonara, and I also saw some slabs of bacon (as opposed to the pre-sliced stuff in the store) that would make excellent lardons (Salad Lyonnaise, mmm like breakfast on a salad).  Perhaps I should fast for a day or two prior to cooking/eating!  There was also a better selection of pates by Fabriques Delices, the guys who are at the Palo Alto farmer’s markets and who are related to those yummy crepe ladies.

More lovely things: FRESH butter (you wouldn’t believe what a difference this is from the regular store butter), fresh pasta (that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg), variety of pierogis, tons of fresh local raw honey, asparagus for $2.99/lb (I think Safeway was charging $4.99/lb, and not even for the organic, which I don’t buy anyway), bulk arugula and salad greens (I’ll have to check if they sell frisee).  There’s more, obviously, but I was too busy trying not to buy too much!

Tonight: prosciutto wrapped asparagus, gnocchi in a sage cream sauce with corn and cannellini beans, filet mignon.  Estimated cost of all groceries involved: less than $30.  Okay, so I’m not the most thrifty of food shoppers, but it beats eating at a restaurant to feed myself and Tom.


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One Response to Hot again.

  1. OMFGJEANNIE says:

    i love fresh butter!! I first tried it in this random bakery and wow. i missed out. 😛

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