Kitchen Confidential.

Ohhh why why did this show get canceled [back in 2005]?  It’s so perfect… food and debauchery.  To be fair, I didn’t watch it back then, but what did I know?  Was it on FOX?  This sounds like something that was on FOX.  But now I’m glad it’s on Hulu.  So much better than those stupid competition cooking shows, even though I kind of like those, too.  How do law dramas keep propagating, but not food dramas?  With the recent success of shows like Iron Chef, Top Chef, and subsequent knock-offs, I suppose Kitchen Confidential was a bit ahead of its time.

In other news that isn’t new at all, my parents are being somewhat unreasonable again.  Except in their eyes, I’m unreasonable.  And maybe irresponsible, even though I was being responsible–this kind of double standard is pretty common in our family.  But definitely disrespectful, oh sure, I’m definitely that.  Good grief.


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