Garlic noodles.

I think I’ve discovered one of the secrets to making great garlic noodles!  I usually use plain old spaghetti, but today after my dentist appointment (I have a very Chinese dentist in accordance with my mother’s vague mistrust in all other ethnicities in a professional capacity) I was already next to the Asian super(!)market, and I can never resist a looksee.  In addition to picking up some ingredients for wonton soup (ground pork!  thin Hong King style wonton wrappers!  green onions!), I saw refrigerated packages of fresh Chinese egg noodles.  I used those tonight and they did seem to make a significant difference.  The buttery, garlicky sauce clung better to these slightly chewy egg noodles than when I used spaghetti noodles.  I also use about half a head of garlic and would add garlic powder if I had it, but I’ve never gotten around to buying.  Recipe late.r


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