After the fail that was the San Francisco Street Food Festival, Tom and I decided to eat at Suppenkuche instead.  One of my most favorite meals ever!  There’s a German restaurant right around the corner from our apartment, but I’ve still never been there; since I noticed they have a spatzle on their menu now, I’ll have to try it sometime.  Anyway, the cheese spatzle at Suppenkuche is on 7×7’s 100 to Try and I’d had it a few months ago so I wanted to try something different this time.

For appetizers, we got a dumping with mushroom gravy (the gravy was so perfectly flavored and textured) and onion soup.  For entrees, we split the braised beef short ribs with red cabbage and spatzle.  The side of spatzle is good, but not nearly as good as the entree; apparently the side is just plain spatzle noodles and the entree has the most insane cheese and onion sauce that melts in your mouth and lays like a gastronomically genius stone in your stomach.  The short ribs were amazing!  So tender and juicy!  Wish I could go back and get more.  It was the perfect amount to split, especially with the two gigantic appetizers.


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