Fall. And Southern California’s other season.

It has gotten windy with lows in the high 40s-50s which means it is now fall in LA and soon to be so-called “winter,” LA’s fakest season.  I don’t think I’ve bought new fall/winter clothes since two years ago when I was in Washington, DC, because, let’s face it, they had real seasons.  In honor of a most blustery day (quite appropriate for the upcoming hallowday), here’s a list of things I want (and am trolling around on Etsy for) that set off cozy thoughts inside my head:

– vintage Frye campus boots
– knit thermal blankets and garishly patterned Afghans, fringe a plus
big ceramic soup bowls
– a brown leather satchel with a long shoulder strap (academic boho chic, duh)
– a new collar for Fuji
– a belt (I’ve had the same one, just one, for more than 3 years)
– knee socks (good quality ones, not the crappy ones I got at Target last year)
– gloves

I just want to eat chili and scrambled eggs all day.  And have a big pot of turkey noodle soup simmering on the stove.  Actually,  I think all these feelings are because I bought a new cozy couch that’s just begging for a colorful throw and a good marathon of bad TV and guilty pleasure movies.  It’s sort of a pennyback mid-century modern, Wormley inspired sofa nicely upholstered in a hipster sky-blue.

Here’s a bad photo I snapped with my camera phone to show my roomies:

couchI’m hoping to do away with the hideous futon in the living room, but it does make for extra seating and convenient folks who want to stay over.

Went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s.  Epic fail.  They discontinued the orzo and didn’t have Blackthorn at two locations I visited.  Sigh.


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