Deals = grad student heaven and my version of Halloween in LA.

Got this awesome deal on Blackboard Eats for a free bottle of wine (priced $50 or less) at FIG Restaurant at the Fairmont Hotel right on the coast in Santa Monica.  Yes, I am a stalwart drinker of two-buck Chuck, but I also enjoy wine with dinner and ordering a bottle in a restaurant is usually exorbitant and out of the question.  So even though I knew this was a clever (brilliant, really; I never would’ve gone to FIG otherwise) marketing ploy solely to usher me into the restaurant, I booked a reservation on Halloween evening, early enough so that Tom and I could go out later if we so desired.

The dinner went smashingly; I know Tom prefers to order wine with nice dinners and he knows I don’t like how much it costs, so I thought this would be a great deal he’d enjoy.  Even if I can’t really appreciate good wine and bad wine, it’s kind of a nice touch to a meal and is way more exciting for the palate than water.  Also exciting for my palate?  Warm baguettes served with balsamic butter, and a foie gras and chicken liver parfait with fig marmalade and grilled toast.  It’s criminal how delicious foie gras can be.  Also another reason why I prefer real food to dessert; a foie gras parfait beats any other kind of fruity whipped-creamed parfait any day.  It was buttery and smooth, with the subtlest waves of flavor that spread all over the tongue.  Mmm.

Anyway, the dinner took way longer than I expected, which was kind of nice.  It seemed like they were serving us each course with lots of time to savor and just chat without feeling rushed.  The wine might’ve had something to do with our delightfully good moods… especially because once we got home, we immediately (uh, okay, not immediately, but  I don’t know who reads this so I’ll spare the details)  fell asleep at, like, 9 pm.  And this, folks, is my first Halloween in Los Angeles.  Now, a lot of people may think it was incredibly boring, but I had free booze, good food, and no hangover in the morning.

The next morning, we actually woke up early enough to leave the house before noon.  (This rarely happens to me and Tom as on the weekends, we’re so wiped out from the week that we wake up around 10 or 11 and sit around in bed until late into the afternoon.)  And we went to the Huntington Library!  Okay, it’s not just a library, there are also some amazing gardens and art galleries, but the library part was what got me in.  I would’ve liked to see the actual library bit, but I AM a library student, so maybe that’ll happen some day.  The outdoor grounds on such a beautiful day really rivaled going to the Getty, but the Getty totally wins for being free and kickass.

This post makes me sad only because I didn’t put any pictures in it.  I took NO photos of the food at FIG, which is regrettable, but I intend on going back by myself for a single order of foie gras parfait.


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