Kase spaetzle at Walzwerk.

I wanted to like this place so much.  Well, to be quite honest, I had really wanted to go to Suppenkuche that night but for some inexplicable reason (we didn’t get around to reading the sign on the door), it was closed.  First big disappointment of the night.  Second big disappointment was showing up at Walzwerk and not realizing that it was so damn necessary to make a reservation (okay, okay, partly my fault because it was a Saturday night in the city, but I’d checked the website before heading out and it said nothing about recommending reservations).  Anyway, the meal began promisingly because I liked the decor, atmosphere, and menu.  Goose soup special was good but had no meat in it.  Odd?  A little.  Ordered the kase spaetzle, my fave at Suppenkuche.  But this isn’t Suppenkuche.  And the spaetzle was lukewarm, not gooey or melty (probably because of the aforementioned), and bland.  My insides cried, my outsides indulged in spiced wine which subsequently warmed my insides but did nothing to quell the bitterness rendered by uninspiring kase spaetzle.  Fitting for the rainy, dreary weather that evening.


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