Food TV: Pushing Daisies.

Recent foodiscoveries: truffle mousse pate from Trader Joe’s, fresh pasta, ragu and bolognese, burrata and beets (also from Trader Joe’s, but I think there are better to be had).  Love the fresh pasta; it seems to absorb flavors and adhere to sauce so much better than dry pasta.

In my pursuit of a restaurant to get niu rou mien (literally translated beef noodles, but technically it’s beef noodle soup), I discovered that it is a Taiwanese dish.  I didn’t realize Taiwan had its own unique cuisine… color me ignorant.  Lately, I’ve been searching some of my favorite childhood dishes that my mom makes and I guess, not surprisingly, it is a mix of Taiwanese cuisine and country-style Chinese food.  I finally stopped in at Mayflower off Saratoga in San Jose, very much a hole-in-the-wall restaurant on the side of a strip mall-type area.  We were there pretty early so we were the only ones there.  The whole place felt like I was eating at my parents’ house from the table piled with Chinese language newspapers, snack tins, and a cheap printer to the faded floral wallpaper (I have a very similar wallpaper in my bedroom growing up).  The soup was hearty; huge, tender chunks of beef that easily fell apart as I prodded with my chopsticks and spaghetti-thick noodles in a dark, savory broth.  I’ve been used to pho, so I felt the broth was missing some herbs or maybe some onions, but it was still quite delicious.  I added some chili sauce, which provided a nice bite.  I didn’t realize this dish is usually spicy; I guess when my mom ordered it when I was a kid, she purposefully ordered it without the spicy.


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