Dillon’s Irish Pub mac & cheese.

Spring Break meant that I could go out on a weeknight and not feel guilty.  Tom was in town, having taken the week off so that we could spend Spring Break together.  Luckily my house is like a resort, so while I was at work during the beginning of the week, Tom was hanging out at the pool.  Anyway, we visited my roommate on her last day at Dillon’s, a fake but pretty awesome Irish pub in Hollywood.  (This was my first venture out into Hollywood since I’ve moved here.)  Cheap drinks and food that was pretty good for pub food!  This mac & cheese side dish was only $4, and it’s really delicious and topped with breadcrumbs.  You can actually taste the cheese; it’s not a vague creamy cheeselike sauce like a lot of macs out there.  Also, I saw one of the stars from Glee there.  Second celebrity sighting since I’ve lived in LA.  I really don’t get out much.


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