Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas kasespaetzle

One succinct Yelp review described Hofbrauhaus as “hilarious,” and I am inclined to agree, sort of.  It’s a loud kind of hilarious, one you have to be in the mood for.  The facility reminded me of a Disneyworld version of a German restaurant.  The beer and food seemed kind of expensive.  Torn between Jagerschnitzel (a breaded pork cutlet served with mushroom cream sauce and bacon, um, yum) and the good old standby, kase spaetzle.  Tom got the Jagerschnitzel, so I got the KS.  They used dumpling style spaetzle (as opposed to the Black Forest style spaetzle that resemble short bits of spaghetti) that had a nice mouthy texture.  After I’d finished my large dish, I scooped up the rest of Tom’s spaetzle that were soaked in mushroom cream sauce.  Yup, on my way to being a fatty.  It was way better than the stuff I had at Walzwerk, but I still remember the Suppenkuche kasespaetzle being maybe better.  I’ll have to go back and try it again.


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