Petrossian, West Hollywood

Black truffle, bacon, and parmesan orecchiette from Petrossian in West Hollywood.  Petrossian is a well-known caviar vendor with locations in Paris, New York, and LA.  Their menu is incredible; I’d eaten here for Dine LA a few months back, so I jumped at the chance when it came up on BBE.  They also have a wallet-punching deli in which they serve $100 portions of duck foie gras, caviar, and other ridiculously gourmet items.  Tom and I got blinis with caviar (three different kinds), steak tartare with a layer of caviar, mac & cheese, and some smoked salmon pasta to go (of course, garnished with dollops of caviar).  It was extravagant, to say the least.  The waitress also made a good recommendation that champagne is standard to drink with caviar, and it was like a bubble wrap party in my mouth.  If it weren’t so expensive, caviar would definitely be my new food fad.  But… it’s not.  That fucking steak tartare with a fat layer of caviar, though, that was the best deal by far.

Oh, and the mac.  It was good, but not for cheese aficionados.  This was that kind of mac and cheese I mentioned earlier, the fancy kind that has a generally cheesy sauce but not distinctive of its flavors.  Still good, but if I come here again, I’d rather spend the money on more caviar-related items.


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