Day 2.

This was our San Jose loft bedroom as of five hours ago.  Marvelous round couch (4/5 of it, anyway), snake tank coffee table, Bostons, plasma TV.

As part of our de-lofting, I sold the round couch on Craigslist for about the same price we bought it for.  The round couch was the product of our selling Tom’s fake Eames recliner back in the day.  Here’s the living space of the loft now:

Fuji is looking at me like, “Dude, where the fuck is my couch?”  Fuji loved that thing.  He would perch on the pillows and gaze down into his vast domain downstairs.  He was so lazy that when Tom let him out of the crate in the morning, Fuji would merely curl up on the couch and sleep until noon.

Farewell, sweet round couch.


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This is a blog full of photos taken by a cell phone.
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