En route again.

Since Tom decided to move to LA with me, our days in the loft are coming to an end.  It’s only a place filled with things, but we built up all these things over the last two years and it’s a little strange to be moving on.  Filling a converted warehouse apartment was an exercise in endless combinations of furniture whereas moving into a small apartment in LA is more an exercise in restraint.  When we were looking at apartments last week, I happened to purchase a reclaimed wood dining table on a whim and mentally concluded that I had to choose an apartment that would fit this table.  (Table and bench bought from Dante Interior Designs at Cloud Noir at 8044 W 3rd St)

I eventually did choose an apartment; there were two in the running, both quite simple, small apartments with adorable kitchens, one of the primary qualifications.  The first one had a more updated kitchen and closer proximity to school, but ultimately, its smaller dining area put it behind the one we finally signed off on.

This is certainly no warehouse loft and if anything, that baby blue kitchen tile is more reminiscent of subtle suburban leanings (it isn’t true, I swear!  I choose the location because it’s near Santa Monica Boulevard and a climbing gym).

Assessing all the loft furniture is like remembering our time here from when we first moved in September 2008.  I remember how we acquired each piece of furniture, and all the furniture long gone through Craigslist or friends.  Every other month or so, Tom would get this desire to rearrange everything and the loft would have a whole new look.  I often talked about blogging all the changes it went through, and sadly, I never did.  These were the best I could find:

December 2008: Holiday fondue after a recent rearrange.  All those things on the left hand side (TV stand, leather recliner) were being stowed for Craigslist removal.  We had a tiny wooden kitchen island cart from Ikea, the bumper pool table as our dining room table, and the suede patchwork sofa as our main seating.  Those ugly orange Ikea pillows were quickly returned.

January 2009: The addition of the marvelous round couch from Craigslist began the nagging feeling that we had too much furniture, but oddly enough, it worked in the space and even fit upstairs, its current location, when Tom moved our bedroom up there.  This arrangement was short lived.

December 2009ish: A wide angle shot by one of Tom’s friends shows a rather tame version.

So nearly a year later, we have changed out almost all the furniture and my favorite room is of course the kitchen.  Some nice paint and organized shelves really made a difference, and I think more people hang out in the kitchen than in the living room area near the television (unless it’s PS3 time).

I guess what makes it strange to pick out the furniture we’re taking to LA is that everything has a context.  Each piece is related to some other piece, like how I bought beech colored Ikea Expedit shelves to hold Tom’s laser discs and then when he bought me a piano, we realized the color of the piano matched the shelves.  Or how we bought two midcentury modern style chairs at Goodwill and finally found a great table for it at Salvation Army.  It seems sacrilegious to separate anything, so we must take it all!  Sadly, this cannot be, though perhaps I will document our endeavors at restraint this time around.


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