Well, there has been no real movement.  The day of signing the lease, Day 0, was a Friday filled with driving back to San Jose to get our stuff together.  Day 1 after signing the lease consisted of cleaning out the storage unit in San Jose (at my insistence), with which I was fairly satisfied.  Then any attempts at moving were quickly dashed by Tom being shot in the eye with a BB gun.  If there was ever a surer sign that I am ready to be out of here, perhaps that was it.  The whole event has left a sour note, like I can’t escape even when I try.

Poor Tom.  He was an excellent caretaker when I had my eye problem, but I’m afraid I’m not as good at it as he was.  I just want him to be all healed now.  Vision is something I take for granted until it’s not working right anymore.  Very worried.


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This is a blog full of photos taken by a cell phone.
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