Days 3-8.

Late Monday night, I drove all the way back to LA because I was supposed to have class on Tuesday morning.  If you’ve known me at all through my high school and college years, you’ll know that I am a terrible class attendee.  I am really trying to make an effort this quarter to keep up and active in my academic life; I toyed with the idea of skipping that one single class I have on Tuesdays to help drive Tom to doctor’s appointments and pack up the loft, but no, I loaded the car up with all the kitchen stuff and drove into LA city limits around midnight.

Then at about 8 a.m. when I was getting ready for my 9 a.m. class, I got an e-mail from the professor saying that class was canceled because she missed her plane.  Sigh.

I will admit, I am quite self-involved at times and I was frustrated for the next couple days because I had nothing to do; I had postponed starting work until the next week in order to do the now non-existent packing & unpacking and I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursdays.  After a petulant phone call to Tom on Friday afternoon, I finally went over to the new apartment and unpacked the kitchen.

It only took an hour.

What seemed like a ton of kitchen stuff in our San Jose loft barely takes up half of the kitchen in LA!  All of my pots, pans, and baking stuff fit in a huge cupboard under the vintage stove range, and the cups only took up two shelves.  The colorful Ikea plates and bowls are on display in the built-in shelving.  We did end up leaving a lot of glass/barware in San Jose because with the two of us, how many sets of oversized beer steins and cocktail glasses do we need?  Especially because we don’t really drink cocktails…  That’s right, we’re more of the wholesale-sized bar drinkers.

On Friday, Tom’s eye had healed well enough that he could manage to pack a U-Haul of most of our belongings in San Jose and drive it down to LA.  He arrived late Friday night, his arrival announced by the jingling of Fuji’s dog tags.  It was actually a good thing he didn’t come earlier this week as I had intended, because there was a wicked heat wave around Tuesday that would’ve made hauling furniture up a flight of stairs pretty much the worst thing ever.

Saturday, we pulled that trusty little U-Haul up to the tandem covered parking and eyed the Tetris-inspired, roped-in amalgam of our worldly goods with distaste.  We attempted to drive over to OSH to find some hearty men to pay to move that furniture but had no luck.  Oh, I forgot to mention that we also picked up the reclaimed cypress table I bought last week from Cloud Noir!  I was worried it would be too big, but it’s quite pleasant looking in the dining room area.

In addition, one of our neighbors volunteered to help Tom move some of the heavier furniture!  What an awesome dude.  I was worried we wouldn’t really mesh with our neighbors because most of them are families and some don’t speak English, but in our first weekend, we had the guy who helped us move, our next door neighbors who made barbecue and gave us a plate of carne asada and grilled vegetables for our first meal in the apartment, and our other neighbor, who’s a wine seller, gave us two bottles of wine.  Fucking welcome home.


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