Formosa Cafe – Old Hollywood destination

Formosa Cafe is on the cusp of West Hollywood and Hollywood, bizarrely situated like an old chain-smoking uncle at the end of a block of nouveau WeHo establishments, namely Target, BevMo, and Pasta Pomodoro.  The destination was chosen based on word of lobster macaroni and cheese, and luckily we caught the tail end of happy hour for cheap well drinks and select $4 appetizers.  I was recovering from a wicked hangover, so I only partook of one whiskey sour.

The lobster mac & cheese was $14 for a large portion.  My group had several appetizers, so the lobster mac and cheese was fairly daunting, but the smell of truffles and cheese that wafts by without subtly is extremely tempting.  Now, I’m kind of partial to lobster mac and cheese with melty, white cheeses like jack or provolone, or at least unadorned because come on, lobster and cheese should really speak for themselves.  The Formosa version is dressed up with shiitake mushrooms and garnished with green onions, a half-hearted attempt to keep up the pseudo-Asian theme oozing from the walls.  A toasted panko crust with parsley might have been more fitting.

Okay, all critical comments aside, the mac and cheese was damn tasty.  I didn’t get any nice lobster chunks, but there were some pieces in there and it had an essence of lobster, if you will.  The sauce had a good texture, not too watery or dry, and the waitress said they only used cheddar and Parmesan.  I guess that’s kind of taking it back to basics.  $14 is a pretty good price, but I would share and have something else light to eat to take the weight off the meal.  And in my world, of course this something else means delicious, fatty ribs in sweet chili sauce.


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