I hearts carbs.

Inspired by Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, I bought shirataki noodles (noodles made from yams! = no fat, no carbs?) from the Japanese market as a vehicle for salmon sashimi and uni.  My quick go-to weeknight meal is usually some soba or udon with mentaiko or carbonara’d with bacon (actually, one evening I had nothing but a huge pack of prosciutto and made a very interesting udon with prosciutto carbonara), so I figured shirataki noodles wouldn’t be too far off.  They look kind of suspect in their sac of water, but they were pretty much like tofu noodles in that they have no flavor and are extremely versatile.  I mixed with a little chicken broth, ponzu, togarashi (the ground red pepper that’s usually a condiment for udon), and pickled carrots and daikon.  The noodles seem a little mushy for carbonara, but we’ll see.  I’ve seen some diet fettuccine alfredo recipes using shirataki, but “diet alfredo” just seems like a wrong, bad, no good concept.


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