Apartment 2.0.

When we moved out of the loft in San Jose, I wished I had documented how the apartment had changed over the two years we lived there.  There was so much space and so many ways to fill it!  Our apartment here has the opposite problem, as it’s significantly smaller than the 1,500 sq. ft. loft.  I don’t know what the dimensions of this place is, but it’s probably around 600 sq. ft. (and probably three times as much closet space as the loft!).  Lately, I’ve been feeling like a redesign, so we moved some stuff around.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get many before photos, so I guess I’m starting with version 2.0.

My old white Ikea Mikael desk on wheels used to occupy this space near the door.  One day when I was at the library getting books for my finals, Tom acquired this beat up desk from a neighbor who was throwing it out.  The narrow drawer is pretty busted, but it’s got clean lines and matches the rest of our natural wood furniture.  It had a 60s Mad Men feel to it, so I paired it with one of our old library chairs and the weird naked lady vase.


This area is essentially unchanged.  It has the misfortune of being required to store our bikes, so it’s not the most versatile spot.  The secretary desk-cum-bar also serves as a mantel for random photos and souvenirs.


There’s sort of a “before” photo in an earlier post when we first moved in.  The area near the wall used to hold boxes of papers and other random stuff, but Tom cleaned it out and the remaining stuff is Fuji’s crate and a box for donation.  Since that last photo, we moved Monty the Snake into the corner on top of the custom painted filing cabinet.  That corner also gets the best sun, so I plan on putting any herbs there (basil!).  We took out the carpet because after Palm Springs, I was going through a minimalist phase.


Kitchen.  It’s dirty because it gets the most use.  The egg carton is on the counter because I’m getting ready to make fried rice.


Media setup.  Most recently, we had these black Bose tower speakers with a piano black finish, but Tom pulled out the old Bostons and Pioneer receiver because they matched better.


Seating area.   The armchair used to be in the bedroom, but it’s getting way more use out here.  It was one of the first pieces of furniture we bought for the San Jose apartment and until now, it’s always been a bedroom piece primarily used by Fuji.  Now it gets utilized by humans!

Bedroom pics later.  We recently acquired a headboard and a white desk chair for the white Mikael desk.  Again, the bedroom redesign was inspired by our Palm Springs hotel, the Hope Springs resort.


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