Blog meta-musings.

I like reading blogs, particularly about food, shiba inus (embarrassing to admit, but they are just so damn cute to look at even though I have one that I can look at 24/7), and interior design/house stuff.  Obviously, blogs with pretty pictures are the most fun to read/look at.  Looking back at my blogs, I just have to mention that all the photos are taken with my cellphone.  I took Photography in high school and once in college, but I really have no interest in investing in a real, grown-up type of camera to improve my blog, which I guess is why I’ll never be a professional blogger 😦  Too bad, because blogging for a living sounds awesome.  (Although I think I’ve done pretty well with cellphone quality pictures.)


About ireneenroute

This is a blog full of photos taken by a cell phone.
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