Sage (Echo Park) vegan mac and cheese.

Usually venturing to the eastside of L.A. is reserved for important Craigslist-related (not the adult section) activities because going east of 405 or anywhere near 101 gives me stress headaches.  We were in Echo Park to look at a coffee table to replace the tiny end table we’ve been using, but to no avail.  We did however end up shopping at some great stores near the prospective and uneventual seller’s house.  I bought a redone vintage dress and slip from Taxi CDC and Tom bought a bunch of neat little things from the very awesome Echo Park Time Travel Mart including the famed All My Friends Are Dead shirt and these amazing vintage-styled posters.

On the corner near the Echo Park Time Mart is a vegan restaurant called Sage that only caught my attention because I really had to pee and they were the nearest restaurant.  Hear that, store owners?  Sometimes letting non-customers use your bathroom will result in ultimate customers.  Anyway, when I saw they had mac and cheese on the menu, Tom and I came back after our time travels to have dinner.

Their mac was more of an attempt at the grown-up bread crumb topping kind of mac that I said Native Foods’ version was not.  It was pretty successful, although the first few bites were a little jarring.  Their cheese is some kind of nut-based cheese and the flavor reminded me of the nutritional yeast I mentioned in another post about vegan cooking.  It kind of grew on me, though, but I do prefer Native Foods.  I think I’m a boxed-mac-and-cheese fan at heart.  The rest of the menu looked good except it was mostly burgers-wraps-and-salads that I can usually make at home.  I like vegan entrees because I think the chefs/cooks have to be more creative and I like to see how the vegans get it done, and I myself am not inclined to do much vegan cooking!  They did serve bread with an aioli sauce that I think is just Veganaise and garlic.  Whatever, it was amazing.


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