Pacific Dining Car (Santa Monica) mac.

Okay, I guess it’s time to post this one while it’s fresh in my mind.  Pacific Dining Car, open stunningly 24 hours a day, on Wilshire in Santa Monica.  It’s the westside version of the original downtown steakhouse.  We’ve been eying this place for a while, mostly because I cannot believe it’s a fancyish steakhouse that’s always open.  Boggles my mind.  Thank you, L.A.  After working on my graduating portfolio for about six straight days, going on about three hours of sleep each night, I finally finished and was ready to send that sucker to the printer’s (uh, 100+ pages double-sided color printed and bound = $200+ at FedEx!–so we nixed that idea and just went to have steaks instead).  By that time, it was already after 11 p.m., and instead of celebrating with Korean BBQ like I originally wanted (but only when I was not yet zombified at around 7 p.m.), we decided PCD instead.

This place is expensive!  Luckily, we got the late night menu with some cheaper options.  I ordered the “famous” Training Day baseball steak and a side of mac & cheese, of course.  The mac portion was huge!  I ate a third of it and took the rest home.

Summary: ginormous elbow noodles!  Needed salt.  Very old school in that wanted-to-eat-it-seasoned-with-steak-sauce kind of way.  I wouldn’t get it again, but I’m glad I tried it.

Edited to add: I reheated these leftovers the next day.  Wow, they are really much better reheated!  Awesome.


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