Elements Cafe in Pasadena: lobster mac and cheese

Rose Bowl flea market last Sunday!  We had brunch in Old Town Pasadena so we could easily hop over to the flea market, and I found Elements Cafe on Yelp.  It’s a small, simple place with communal seating and interesting menu items like duck sausage breakfast burrito.  They also happened to have macaroni & cheese with lobster, wild mushroom, and truffles.  I almost didn’t get it because I was really looking for breakfast food, but for love of the game, I couldn’t pass it up.  I was expecting something kind of crappy, but the actual dish was amazing!  It was a huge portion (well, for $22, it better be!) with lots of lobster chunks and an overall truffley flavor without being overpowering.  The cheese sauce was thinner than some renditions, but it was perfectly creamy and tasted of real cheeses.  I broke into the gratin to show you the glorious gooeyness of the insides.  No one wants to see a boring old gratin crust.  It’s all about the cheesy


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