Cafeteria 15L in Sacramento.

Cafeteria 15L in downtown Sacramento.  It looks trendy.  All the chairs are Eames style industrial paired with big wooden tavern style tables, so right up my alley.  The bathroom freaked me out because the sink area has a glass wall shared with the men’s bathroom, so you can all see each other washing (or not washing…) your hands.  Anyway, the menu was pretty affordable, especially compared to LA restaurants.

$4.95 mac & cheese.  Really good side portion and great cheese sauce (it tasted like real cheese, not just a cream sauce with an essence du fromage) with a hint of crumb topping.  It was great for two-ish people and I had a little bit to take home as a snack later.  (I am a notorious snacker… I don’t eat large portions in one sitting, but I will eat little bits throughout the day.  I’m like a hobbit.)

A full sized lobster roll for $14.95!  Unheard of!  This baby was an extremely generous portion of lobster meat served on this toasted bun instead of the traditional split top hot dog roll (sad face; I love that bread because it’s like eating buttery lobster between two buttery pieces of Texas toast).  I would have liked the option to have it served just with warm butter instead of the mayo, celery, and shallots, but the mayo mix was still good if not a little overwhelming halfway through.  I also took half of it as a leftover snack.  The skinny fries were also good and I don’t even like fries… they were the right crispiness and not that greasy.

Two of my favorite foods in one meal!  Awesome.  My sister had their soup of the day, which was a delicious white bean soup with pea sprout pesto.  Really nice twist on a typical white bean soup.


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