Dickey’s BBQ Pit in Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

I’m not sure… should I start a new tag called “slummin’ it mac”?  Macaroni and cheese is super versatile and it’s not surprising that it’s everywhere from fancy ass restaurants to, well, KFC.  I don’t think I’ve met a mac and cheese I don’t like (on road trips up and down 5 or hungover at night, I will definitely go to KFC for some mac).  In fact, I am probably more prone to like it without all these crazy bells and whistles and because pasteurized cheese product probably has all these chemicals that are tricking my brain into liking it better.  Oh well.

This mac was served at Dickey’s BBQ Pit in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport!  It came with my… uh… pulled pork?  Ribs?  I don’t remember what I got, but it came with two sides, and if I had known how small the side portions would be, I would’ve just got two sides of mac and cheese (the other side I got was coleslaw).  It was really good with big ridged elbow macaroni and a crazy neon color.  Go Texas!


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