Reddi-chick, a weird juxtaposition in posh Brentwood Country Mart.

As a follow up to the previous entry, here is a side of mac and cheese from Reddi-chick, a BBQ (?) food stand (stall?) in the food court (?) of the Brentwood Country Mart, a shopping area that kind of confuses the hell out of me.  Barbecue macaroni and cheese is kind of a category all its own and I haven’t figured out if it’s synonymous with Southern mac and cheese.  Reddi-chick was good at the time, and now forgettable in retrospect.  I guess it’s more rotisserie chicken than BBQ… I really don’t know.  Along with its very random rotisserie plus fried seafood menu was a huge menu of baked potatoes.  Mind = blown.  In fact, in the time it took me to write this post and remember what the food was like, I’ve completely forgotten how the mac and cheese tasted.


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