Cowboy Way BBQ in Palm Springs

This was a surprising example of disappointing BBQ macaroni and cheese at the Cowboy Way BBQ in Palm Springs.  We were staying in Desert Hot Springs for Tom’s birthday, and I’d always heard of the midcentury modern furnishings and shopping that pretty much represents Palm Springs now.  Plus, it’s only about a two hour drive from L.A., so it makes a nice weekend getaway.  And those damn hot springs were amazing.

Anyway, I thought I’d take Tom to BBQ as a break from all the fancy schmancy restaurants and nouveau-Californian cuisine we’re always eating at in L.A.  While the BBQ itself was good, this side of mac and cheese was super boring.  See that crumb topping?  It’s like it wasn’t even baked on and just sprinkled on top after the fact.  It was like granola for my mac, and the cheese sauce wasn’t substantial enough to incorporate the breadcrumbs anyway.  Also, the photo is deceiving as it was a really small portion.  Sigh.

Palm Springs is kind of a small town, and I wouldn’t really want to spend more than a weekend there anyway.  We did get to hit up some other well known spots such as Melvyn’s for drinks, Shanghai Red’s Oyster Bar for oysters, and Cheeky’s for brunch.  We almost went on that aerial tramway thing up Mt. San Jacinto (8,500 ft.), but I’m sort of afraid of heights.  Now, if I could rock climb that thing, it’d be no problem…


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