Staff prix fixe menu – Restaurant at the Getty

And now for something non-mac and cheese related.  Ever since moving to L.A., I wanted to try the Restaurant at the Getty Center, however overpriced it may seem, because the sample menu on the Getty website used to list a lobster mac and cheese as a side with a Kurobata pork loin.  Sadly, sort of, their menus change seasonally, so I don’t know exactly when that lobster mac existed.  It’s been on my to-do list, and now that I temporarily work there, I have access to a $20 prix fixe menu for Getty staff that changes weekly (I missed the week they were serving the mussels).

Here’s a crab cake.  It was bursting with crabmeat and had a nice helping of fresh, chunky avocado guacamole.

These are some braised shortribs.  You can tell because they’re fatty and juicy, and they’re served over the creamiest Yukon potatos I’ve ever had.  Served with carrots, pearl onions, and rainbow chard.  I only ate half of this; the other half is currently hanging out under my desk, patiently awaiting snack time.  Even though I know shortribs are the easiest, cheapest thing for restaurants to make and that I should be able to make them on my own, I can’t resist ordering them.

Oh.  Yeah.  Dessert.  You can tell it’s my least favorite part of the meal because I didn’t bother to attempt to take a nice picture.  I always forget that prix fixe menus usually aren’t worth the cost to me because I hardly ever like dessert.  Nothing personal against dessert, sweet is just not my thing (in more ways than one).  So… here’s some fresh ice cream with fruit and a cookie thing.

In addition to the staff menu, they also offer a special $34 menu to the public to promote their Paris: Life & Luxury exhibit.  It features a chicken pot pie with foie gras!  Amazing.  The only reason I didn’t get it this time was because the staff menu had a crabcake as its appetizer and the Paris menu only has a silly salad.  Pfft, salad.  Anyway, I told Tom about it and now I think I have to wait for him to come have lunch with me at the Getty before I can eat there 😦


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