Foundry on Melrose Chef’s Tasting Menu

Aside from Korean BBQ, Foundry on Melrose is a restaurant in Los Angeles that I’ve probably been to the most.  It keeps popping up on my favorite restaurant deal site, Blackboard Eats.  Since we had an amazing time the first time we went (three discounted bottles of wine, ordered foie gras off the menu, comped appetizer), it’s always left a good impression.  Last night was the first time I didn’t order the mac and cheese, but given that it only costs $6, I really should have.

We all got the five-course Chef’s Tasting Menu plus wine pairing.  It was totally a splurge, really because aside from Gordon Ramsay last week, we haven’t been eating out.  It also helps that since I finished my portfolio for my degree, I have more time to cook.

Started off with a scallop ceviche: thinly sliced scallops topped with blood orange, jalapeno, red onion, and garlic chips.  Probably one of my favorite courses of the night because the scallops, which I usually find quite boring, had the perfect consistency and texture with a subtle flavor that carried the toppings well.  I was also not expecting the dish to be such a large serving.  More scallops for everyone!

Curry lobster gratin!  With what I think were fingerling potatoes and some veggies.  Huge succulent pieces of lobster.  Drooool.

Their version of carbonara with fava beans and vermouth foam.  I’m a little wary of the pretentiousness of foam, but it mixed with a raw quail egg to achieve the carbonara’s creaminess.

New York striploin.  After everything that came before, the steak was actually the most boring course.  Not that it wasn’t good, it’s just in comparison, it was really more winding down the meal than the culmination.

Oh yeah, and there was dessert.  It was an enormous devil’s food cake brownie with s’mores toppings.  Why it was so enormous after a meal like that, I have no idea.  All I know is, I’m really biased against desserts in prix fixe menus.  Shrug.

I hope you’re all enjoying the crap quality cell phone photos!


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