Rack of lamb post oven.

So pretty.  And I would eat only vegetables for the rest of ever if they were just covered in hollandaise.


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3 Responses to Rack of lamb post oven.

  1. janice says:

    what’s in that container?

    • ireneenroute says:

      Trader Joe’s hollandaise! You can find it in the dairy section near the cream/yogurt/eggs. I recall they used to have a jarred version that wasn’t too good, but I like this one. It’s tangy and savory, the perfect consistency, and takes 30 seconds to heat in the microwave.

      • janice says:

        interesting. i’ll have to check it out. we used to use a packet where you just add water. it tasted fine and was way easier than making it from scratch. this may mean more eggs benedicts in my future…

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