Madame Chou Chou dinner, courtesy of Blackboard Eats

BBE must be market analyzing Yelp, because a bunch of restaurants I reviewed and have been to more than once have popped up with BBE codes in the last month.  Luckily, these happen to be some of my favorite restaurants.

I was supposed to go to a school-related dinner tonight, but I didn’t get off work until after 5 p.m. and the commute from the Getty to downtown was atrocious.  So I met up with Tom at his office, and we went to Madame Chou Chou’s instead armed with a BBE code for a bottle of wine and complimentary bone marrow appetizer.

I’m not sure why I like bone marrow so much… the flavor is really subtle and mostly tastes like oil, plus the texture is akin to near-melted fat.  Hmm.  Maybe that explains it.

And of course, I can never resist ordering foie gras when it’s on the menu.  The walnut bread underneath it was good, but too sweet for my tastes, so I just picked off the piece of foie and savored that instead.

Lamb shank on top of polenta with white asparagus and artichokes.  Lamb shank is really not that aesthetically pleasing when it’s served off the bone.  Oh well.

Tom’s rabbit pappardelle.  Hearty, comforting, with homemade pasta.  Madame Chou Chou makes the bessssst homemade pastas.  Their bolognese served at brunch is amaaaazing.

The Gorbals tomorrow!


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