Sea urchin with black squid ink pasta.

I didn’t realize that my boss is a total foodie until we got to chatting for practically 15 minutes straight about sea urchin at last year’s holiday lunch.  Recently, she ordered a bunch of ingredients to make a sea urchin and squid ink pasta dish (like Il Grano’s amazing version), and knowing how much I like cooking, she brought me her extra ingredients!

She got this great thin squid ink linguine that only cooks in 2-3 minutes!  The package is only 8.8 ounces, but don’t be fooled!  It makes a ton of pasta, almost more than a standard 1-lb. pack and is more than enough to feed 2-4.

I didn’t measure anything for this because I pretty much just used up the ingredients she gave me.  I sauteed half a shallot in some olive oil and added a pinch of red pepper flakes, sauteed maybe for two or three minutes, then added some heavy cream.  As an afterthought, I added a teensy spoonful of Better Than Bouillon.  Man, that stuff is way stronger than I thought it would be!

It hung out on the stove for a bit, thickening gloriously, and I only added four sea urchin pieces to warm through.  I should’ve blended the sea urchin into the cream sauce, but I did that in a previous attempt and it made the sauce a little clumpy.  I probably need to use more butter.  I guess that’s the solution to everything.

See how much pasta that is??  And it’s only half of the box.  It must be so much pasta because they dry the shit out of it, and the result is a very lightweight dry pasta.

Tada.  Again, I didn’t anticipate how much pasta that box would make, so the sauce didn’t turn out as, well, saucy as I’d hoped.  Still, with an extra pinch of salt and some chopped chives, I guess less cream isn’t such a bad thing for my health.


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