Westside Tavern. No discounts except on the movie.

Chicken liver mousse, served in a large mason jar, with green apple chutney.  Served with the perfect amount of crostini.

Amazing mussels with smoky bacon, leeks, and mustard wine sauce.  The mussels were smaller than the long, narrow ones I’m used to having in restaurants, but there were a ton of them!  This is a huge portion for two as an appetizer and work also work well as an entree for one.  Plus, the bacon with mustard is such a good pairing.  I love real mustard.

Mac and cheese!  With crispy onions on top.  I know, it’s been a while.  Maybe so long that I actually felt that this was TOO cheesy.  For $8, it is an enormous “side” portion, maybe big enough for four people because of how rich the sauce was.  We went a little overboard ordering all those other things, but I seriously had two bites of this and it was enough.  It’s a really good classic-yet-modern mac and cheese, maybe a little on the salty side, just don’t expect to eat much of it.  Perfectly sized elbow noodles, by the way.  This mac also paired swimmingly with the braised short ribs, of which I did not get a picture.  Because they’re fucking short ribs.  They just look like a glorious lump of meat.  Yum.

The only reason I wanted to eat at Westside Tavern was the sticky toffee pudding.  Unfortunately, we ordered so much stuff (I had no idea all the plates would be so large) that there was absolutely no room for dessert.  But I do have three to-go boxes of leftovers in the fridge for midnight snacks!


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