Days 2 and 3.

Here’s the view from my temporary desk:

The Peace Palace is really beautiful and most of the rooms and offices in it still have the original fixtures and interior art.  The actual library and those offices are in a much more modern building with huge windows and tons of natural lighting, so it’s a nice balance between super old architecture and pretty modern style.  There are a lot of bricky buildings in the Hague, most of them really nice and historic, but others that give the impression of some post apocalyptic institutional atmosphere, kind of stark and dreary.

Haven’t had a lot of time to explore because I go to work, then I’m tired and lonely at home and miserable about the exchange rate.  I think this adventure will be a great weight loss program, though, because I don’t really want to invest in a lot of groceries (to keep costs down and because I don’t really like cooking in other peoples’ kitchens) so during the day, this is pretty much all I eat:

Well, sometimes there’s some yogurt drink in the morning.  I also bought camembert and jamon serrano to eat on toasted bread, and apples.  Oh, and today I found duck flavor instant ramen.

On Wednesday, there was a reception for the Hague Academy at City Hall, which looks a bit like San Jose City Hall with the modern white transparent stuff going on and weird art.

And I had some pasta.  Tagliatelle with mushrooms in cream sauce at a place called Very Italian Pizza.

Some of the subway stations are nice and remind me of midcentury modern furniture mixing natural wood with concrete and metal.


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