Fun times with Google Translate.

Some idealists tolerated in a squat, and then vegan too. Can what be? yes, indeed! It provides surprising and original ingredients and flavors. With colorful and varied visitors. Book by phone, and they count on you. Time is less important than your actual arrival. A must for people who wear their ideals while returning to polish.

Most websites for the restaurants in the Hague don’t seem to have English versions, so I’ve pretty much been browsing through Google Translate (unlike French, of which I have a decent reading ability, especially when it involves food, Dutch makes absolutely no sense to me).  The translation of this user review for a vegan restaurant in Scheveningen sounds like haiku.  I think my favorite line is, “Time is less important than your actual arrival.”  Sooo deep.


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2 Responses to Fun times with Google Translate.

  1. Janice says:

    make friends with someone and make them take you.

  2. kiwidutch says:

    If you want to copy/paste me the original Dutch text I can tell you what it *really* said LOL
    Welcome to Den Haag ! (The Hague!

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