Broodje haring: When in the Netherlands!

Had my first herring sandwich!  It was pretty delicious, so I do not think it will be my last.  This stall was at the Antique and Book Market on Lange Voorhout where my roommates and I went this afternoon, and the man in the photo is deboning the herring(s?) and another guy plops one onto a roll and tops it with chopped onions, just like a hot dog only you know exactly what kind of meat it’s made of.  I think this is one snack I won’t be able to find when I get back to California.

Apparently, the herring sandwich or “broodje haring” or “hollandse nieuw haring” is typical Dutch fare (Serious Eats dubs it the national dish of Netherlands, but this strikes me as lacking some serious potato involvement).

Okay, this isn’t really the best photo, but it is literally just a fresh herring fillet as long as the bun with onions on top.  It was so good, but I was definitely left with onion breath.  Since Tom isn’t here, it was so worth it.


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