Well, can’t sit around forever.

Breakfast: camembert, serrano ham, and eggs on toast.  This morning, I added arugula and a big glass of fresh orange juice.  It was briefly confusing to buy at the grocery store because the Dutch word for apple is “appel” while the word for orange is “sinaasappel,” so when I first looked at the name on the bottle, I thought it was some weird kind of apple juice.  Bacon is spek and there is a ton of it here, at fairly inexpensive prices, too.

There seems to be a wider range of sauces here.  I’ve never encountered jarred carbonara sauce in America, but I did find this once in England a couple years ago.  I recall it being unimpressive.  I also don’t understand why you need an instant version of carbonara… it’s just bacon, eggs, and cheese!  The mushroom sauce sounds like it might be good.

I also liked the range of pastas (both shapes and flavors) available at regular prices.  Squid ink tagliatelle is upwards of $8 a pound in specialty Italian markets, but this (actually, I don’t even know if it’s actually squid ink, because it’s all written in dutch) is priced like all the other pastas.

Here’s the bike I’m using.  The basket in front is so handy, I’m definitely going to have to get one for my bike when I get home (although, are baskets doable on a road bike?).  I didn’t understand the big mud flaps on the tires until I realized that it rains on and off all year round here, so makes sense.  This thing isn’t very fast, but the Hague is so flat and the huge bike lands are so well paved that it just cruises everywhere.


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