Jimbaran – Indonesian food in the Hague

Easy walking distance from my apartment and across the street from the Palace Noordeinde.  I’ve never had Indonesian food, so I have nothing to compare it to.  It reminded me of a mash-up of Chinese, Indian, Thai, and (what little I know of) Filipino food.  In addition to not being familiar with whatever is in Indonesian food, there was also no English menu, so it was like ordering two languages apart.  Instead of shooting in the dark, we decided to order a sample platter called a “Rijsttafels” or “rice table” that came with chicken and pork satay skewers and four small portions of meat and veggies.  It said that it served two, but it really served more like three or four!

From the top left corner (hm… I actually might not remember this correctly because I didn’t even know what it was when I ordered it):

rendang (beef stew)
ayam blado (chicken in spicy sauce)
sambal goreng boontjes (green beans in spicy sauce)
babi rica (pork in spicy sauce)
sambal goreng telor (hard boiled eggs in spicy sauce)
ikan bali (fish Bali-style in spicy sauce)
sambal goreng tahu (tofu and tempeh in spicy sauce)
kering tempe (crispy fried tempe–had the taste and texture of granola)

It also came with krupuk, which are like these crispy shrimp flavored crackers that I remember from Chinese restaurants of my childhood, picked vegetables, and steamed rice.

So there you have it.  If anyone else who speaks English and not Dutch finds himself or herself looking at a list of Indonesian dishes, here’s a little guide to my rijsttafel.


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