Vispaleis in Scheveningen (plus Simonis bonus)

One day, it was pretty nice out (i.e. not raining), so my coworkers wanted to go out for lunch.  Some of them were busy, so a couple of us ended up picking up some typical Dutch snacky fishy foods and bringing lunch back to eat on the terrace.

Who has the best herring sandwich is kind of a hot topic in the Hague, and the two contenders were Simonis and Vispaleis (Fish Palace).  Since I’d already had hollandse nieuw a couple times already, I opted for something different, a smoked salmon sandwich with hard boiled eggs.  It’s kind of exactly what you would expect and I actually missed the herring with onions.  On the other hand, the fish stalls do remarkable fried foods, so I’ll have to get that next time.  It’s some of the only decent cheap (under 10 euros) food I’ve found so far.

Vispaleis Scheveningen
Dr. Lelykade 28
The Hague, The Netherlands

Oh, and here is the haring broodjes (herring sandwich) I had from Simonis on the beach at Scheveningen:

Seagulls on the pier are crazy, though.


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