It’s mussel season. Yeah, those kinds of mussels.

These were some of the most amazing mussels I’ve ever had (now, I know I’m extremely indecisive, but Nook’s New Zealand mussels with linguisa sausage and white wine is also amazing as were the mussels at Westside Tavern that came in a bacon and mustard sauce, so it is genuinely difficult to make this kind of ultimatum) because the preparation was so incredibly simple (garlic!  parsley!  now steam these bitches open!) and they gave me a gigantic pot full of them.  I know it’s quality over quantity, but when you get both, it’s just fantastic.  Plus, apparently, it is the beginning of mussel season so these babies are in full force.  The menu had the option of serving the mussels several ways (with white wine, provecale style, etc.), but the waiter confided that “naturale” was definitely the best to savor the flavor of the mussels and then recommended a beer on the side.  Okay, don’t have to tell me twice…  If you’re going to day trip to Bruges and eat at one place, this is a pretty good one.  Then watch In Bruges, because it’s practically the same as being there.

Bierbrasserie Cambrinus
Philipstockstraat 19
8000 Bruges, Belgium


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