Finally, the McKroket.

I immediately regretted it.  (For 2 euro, I think I could’ve gotten a Bic Mac instead, although when drunk, a Junior Whopper is my fast food of choice.)

Looks pretty innocuous on the outside, and it’s quite smaller than your average burger.  A little on the boring side, and the breading leaves a lot to the imagination regarding the contents of the mystery croquette patty.

… Yeah, I still have no idea what this is made out of, but apparently, that’s not so surprising of any McDonald’s food item.

The intrigue of Dutch McDonald’s is gone.  New horizons?  Asian McDonalds’.


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One Response to Finally, the McKroket.

  1. djoctopus70 says:

    Wow man, me to . I was in Amsterdam and had got 1, like a greasy fried shell with a thick mucus.

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