Klim niet deze route!: some nice weather and more mussels season.

The weather was amazing and finally got some climbing in.

At last, got to put my climbing shoes to use.  Apparently, they don’t have mountains of any kind in the Netherlands (further proof I should’ve gone to France this summer instead–Google Calanques or anything in the south of France…), so I guess they compensated by having this huge climbing gym.  Seriously, I think it was twice as high as any of the gyms I’ve been to in California.  Unfortunately, I don’t really know anyone in the Hague to top climb with, so I bouldered all the easy routes.  Also, all the signs were in Dutch, so it made me a little concerned if I was supposed to be informed about something dangerous in particular.  Like, some really enthusiastic looking sign could really have meant, “Do not climb this route, dumbass!”  (Google Translate: “Klim niet deze route, dumbass.”  I will be on the lookout for that phrase.)

This gigantic sports complex also had an indoor karting track with a corkscrew.  Note: the first time I ever went karting, I actually drove into the corner so hard that I went under the barrier.  I can’t imagine what I could do with a corkscrew (dirty).

De Uithof
Jaap Edenweg 10
2544 NL Den Haag

And now for the food portion of this message!  Here’s some more mussels that were significantly less impressive than the Belgian ones.  But the afternoon was gorgeous and I goaded my coworkers into going to the beach with me and drinking some beers.


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