Food that doesn’t look so hot but tasted great.

Rabbit “Cretan style” (I looked this up–I think it means cooked in lemon? wine? cumin? allspice?  A lot of the recipes varied).  Delicious, especially the sauce.  Love Greek food.

Lamb filet kebab.

Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 91
(It’s down an alley off of the touristy Leidseplein.)

Oh, and here’s a picture I forgot from a couple weeks ago.  This is really unappetizing looking, but it was so delicious.  Many will probably think this is the most disgusting thing in the world, but who cares.  I ate it, not you.

Sweetbreads!  Served with root vegetables, spinach, topped with a pastry crust thingy.  The rest of the menu was pretty incredible and I’m sad that I didn’t order the tagliatelle with duck foie gras… this U.S. army colonel guy sitting next to me and my friends ordered it, and it had several large pieces of foie gras just chilling on top.  Amazing.

Vlamingstraat 5
8000 Bruges, Belgium

And for my Dutch experience:
I think I’ve made this a lot in the U.S. and not known it was called something for real here.  This is an uitsmijter, toast under fried eggs with ham and cheese and I think I had them throw some tomatoes in there, too.  To be healthy.  Uh huh.  It’s supposedly typical hangover food, but I just had it for lunch.


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