Maybe you’re wondering how I’m not totally fat yet.

Sometimes I do things that aren’t food related.  Like go places when I get bored, and since it’s Holland, I have to walk or bike there (give or take the occasional train).  But since I’m kind of a bad tourist, I don’t like to take pictures of the thousandth canal I’ve seen (and I have seen a LOT of canals since I’ve been in the Netherlands), there’s not really anything fun about posting them here.

Seeing historic stuff actually makes me feel incredibly lonely because I think about all the people who were somehow involved in an organization, the creation of art, or some great accomplishment that warrants the tour I’m on.  Then I get distracted from the moment at hand because I keep thinking about what their lives were like and what they felt and what they dreamed about.


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This is a blog full of photos taken by a cell phone.
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