Pancake dinner without pancakes.

Pannenkoeken time.  One of my lovely colleagues invited me to a pancake dinner with some of the Chinese students.  I don’t really understand the Dutch pancake thing, but I guess it’s kind of like French crepes.  I like crepes, but I don’t like American pancakes.  (Unless they’re Zachary’s sourdough pancakes on a hungover weekend afternoon in Santa Cruz.)  One of my other colleagues who also went to the dinner doesn’t like pancakes, so we acquired a secret menu (it really helps to go to restaurants with people who actually speak Dutch) and ordered “Grandma’s secret recipe — just the way Grandfather used to like it” (my coworker’s translation).  Yeah, the sexual innuendos could really not stop flying through my head.

A good start to the evening…  For a pancake house, the restaurant was in a pretty fancy location in the middle of the central shopping district.  It was pretty on the inside and, uh, well, I’m really not a good descriptor of buildings.

What the huh?  I was served this plate initially and could not identify the two scoops on the right.  Whatever, I just ate them.  Sometimes it’s best to stop asking questions and just put the thing in your mouth.  There were also two dishes of some pickled cabbage.

Oh, hey, there’s Grandma’s secret recipe.  Turns out, it’s a beef stew with lots of pearl onions and carrots, kind of like beef bourguignon.

Sadly but not surprisingly, there will be no photos of pancakes.

De Stadskelder Pannenkoekenhuis
Grote Halstraat 3
2513 AX The Hague, Netherlands

(However, the menu we ordered from was “Club Madness,” which was a bit out of place with the conservative and family friendly pancake house.)


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