Oh, that wasn’t so bad.

I think the cheery colors in this photo really represent my optimism, yet you can see the dreaded karnemelk lurking in the background.  My suspicions heightened as I poured 4 cups (uhh… 950 mL) of the stuff into the roux and I noticed it was rather thick for milk.  I know it’s Europe, but come on.

But lo!  The tangy flavor of buttermilk actually enhanced the cheesiness of the cheddar and gouda.

This is for a potluck tomorrow (I am representing the United States of America, which means my options for a potluck contribution ranged from proper burgers to, uh, I really had no other ideas… what the hell is American cuisine?), but of course, I had to try some to make sure all these mac & cheese newbies were getting the right impression.

Recipe: CUT via Williams Sonoma with buttermilk instead of milk, and gouda instead of mozzarella.


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