Des Deux Villes – business in the front, party in the back.

I never noticed Des Deux Villes, even though I’ve walked/biked past it almost every day, until I saw it listed as a participant for “Ontdek Culinair Nederland” at the beginning of September.  It’s located in a historic building (although in Europe, what isn’t a historic building…) near Buitenhof (the government buildings) and also houses one of the cinemas.  In fact, to get to the movie theater, you have to walk through the cafe, which I find a bit strange, but oh well.  There’s a nice patio close enough to the entrance that I still get wifi signal on my laptop.

The first time I went to Des Deux Villes, I decided to splurge on the five-course chef’s menu with wine pairing.  The wines were actually nothing to write home about, but they were greatly appreciated as my server was an exceptionally generous pourer.

The used book section at the American Book Center is amazing.  I was looking for some pretentious classic lit that I’ve been meaning to read since college and ended up with two of the dorkiest sci-fi novels I could think of (the other is A Game of Thrones–I started watching the first couple episodes of the HBO series and I liked it so much that I just had to read Wikipedia for spoilers, then I stopped watching the show because I didn’t want to see Sean Bean die… spoiler alert!).

Amusing my bouche.

Beef, just the way I like it -- raw.

This dish of beef three ways combines about a billion things that I love.  Left to right is carpaccio with vegetables, tartare with vegetables, and duck foie gras rolled in smoked beef.

Foamy lobster stuff.

Next up, sweet chunks of lobster in some kind of foam with a dollop of risotto.  What’s not to love?  Those things on the right are fava beans and some kind of pepper puree that reminded me of sriracha.  On a side note, I miss Tabasco a lot.

Fish with carrot puree.

I love fish.  I think the Dutch like fish a lot, too, but I’m having a difficult time finding out where I should buy it, also because I don’t know some of the names when I see them in the store.  I guess all white fish sort of cook and taste the same so it probably doesn’t matter.

The carved block shape of this veal put me off a bit, but the gravy made up for it.

Please, just let veal look like veal.  Otherwise this looks like the Slim Jim of fancy meat entrees.  On its own, the meat wasn’t too spectacular, just a tad overcooked.  However, when combined with the artichoke, corn tortellini, puree stuff, and gravy, it was awesome.


Oh, here’s some dessert.  It was very dessertlike.

So while the restaurant is nice, the cafe is way more affordable and with the added bonus of free wireless internet, I’ve spent the last couple days doing some work out on the patio.  Who can’t resist a beer and this amazing charcuterie plate for just 5 euro?

That small pitcher of olive oil is actually obscuring a beautiful golden pat of soft butter sprinkled with sea salt.  And yes, I ate all that baguette and all the butter with it.

Grand Cafe Restaurant Des Deux Villes
Buitenhof 20
2513 AG The Hague, Netherlands


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