Poor grad student meals is now Poor unpaid intern meals.

Oh, hi.

Buying produce or meat by weight is tricky here because I have to convert everything in my head to understand how cheap/expensive it is relative to what I buy at home.  Most butchers and fish markets seem to list prices per 100 g rather than 1 kg, so I spend a lot of time multiplying the listed price by 5 to get a general sense of price per pound.  This also means I spend a lot of time missing Trader Joe’s and making financially unsound decisions, such as buying these lamb chops only because the price was less than the one from the organic butcher at the farmer’s market and not because it was actually affordable.

We are just chillin', deliciously.

Lamb chops, creamed spinach, leftover pasta, potatoes.

I miss good, accessible meat… still looking for duck breast or pork belly in the Hague.


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