Comfort food: Stuffed cabbage

Today, it was rainy.

Well, it was off and on with a hazy glint of sunshine far above the cloudiness, and all evening, it’s been crisp and windy.  Cozy weather that demanded some comfort food in the form of stuffed cabbage with tomato sauce.

I think the best stuffed cabbage I’ve had so far was Gunther’s in San Jose–amazing fat rolls of cabbage bursting with meat and rice, drowning in a really juicy, flavorful tomato sauce and served with a side of pickled vegetables and mashed potatoes.  Close second is the stuffed cabbage at Warszawa, one of my favorite restaurants in Santa Monica that’s way too dim inside to take discreet photos from my cell phone.  The first time we went there, our waitress let us sample all of the Polish liqueurs on their menu!  And note for personal reference, I am not a fan of slivovitz, no matter how hip Milan Kundera makes it seem; honey liqueur burns; and apricot liqueur is really delicious.  Ohh, there are so many places I’m going to eat at when I get back to Los Angeles.

Now to find dessert and prep for Berlin.

* I guess my post put Tom in the mood for stuffed cabbage.  Here’s his in Santa Monica from Izzy’s:


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