Hey, I went to Berlin for a couple days. Here’s day one food in a nutshell.

Played the tourist.  Booked an amazing hostel (definitely my best hostel experience yet) in the Mitte neighborhood in the center of Berlin and hung out with some friends and also on my own.

View from my room.  I didn’t take any photos inside the Circus Hostel, but their website is pretty extensive.  Decor is hip, rooms and facilities are spacious and clean, and it’s only 20-23 euros a night.  Plus, the bar downstairs was really chill with fairly cheap, tasty drinks.  I met a ton of Americans, though.

Berlin’s transportation system took a bit of getting used to… there’s the S-bahn (suburban trains) and the U-bahn (underground trains) and lots of transferring between them.  Luckily, my hostel was right outside a U-bahn stop, making it extremely convenient to get to & from.  The neighborhood was great and I walked almost everywhere.

Prater Bier Garten.  When in Germany, of course.  It was recommended by the reception desk guy at the hostel.  The food was pretty good and typically German, which means it was really hearty and full of potatoes, cream sauce, and cabbage.  German food is definitely not one of my favorites, but it gets the job done and is perfect with beer.

It was chanterelle season! Sauteed veal steak, creamy chanterelles, and bread dumplings.

I was sort of on a mission to find currywurst and had bookmarked a well-reviewed place nearby, but I was so full after this meal that I didn’t get around to it.  Never fear, for currywurst is aplenty in Berlin, and it would just have to wait another night.


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